Friday, 15 July 2011

Ming General Japanese Sushi Restaurant (Dragon Centre), Sham Shui Po

This is the first time I paid a visit to Ming General Japanese Sushi Restaurant (明將迴轉壽司餐廳), a Hong Kong-based chain restaurant. I went to the branch located at Dragon Centre in Sham Shui Po after seeing some online reviews in OpenRice and HK Golden Forum, saying that the meal was “the worst tasted sushi in Hong Kong.” However, there was still a large crowd of people, mostly teenagers, waiting for up to an hour to get inside. I think most probably it is because of the cheap food there.  People can enjoy a buffet-style value meal for a very low price of less than HK$50.

But for me, like some others, I'd like to taste the food, especially its notorious signature sushi -- red-bean sushi, as a challenge.

Some of them who had tasted the food created and uploaded video footage of their visits, telling people how they felt about the notorious sushi.

Meanwhile, some others even formed a tribute group as well as a fan page on Facebook as more and more people are forming “troops” to challenge themselves by visiting the restaurant.

Some HK Golden members wrote a song called “Ming General’s Comrades”, which was originally sung by Eason Chan, telling people their feelings about the nasty meal.
In Dec 2010, i-CABLE had a news report about the restaurant that went viral on the Internet, featuring several Hong Kong celebrities, including Legislative Councilor Tanya Chan, Fengshui consultant Mak Ling-ling. and psychological doctor Dr Tsang, who were invited to taste the notorious sushi there.

After my visit to this restaurant, I will probably say that this is not a good restaurant that I would recommend my friends go to. But for those who would like to try something nasty as a challenge, this may be a good place for those to have fun there.

Johnny Lo

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